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Traction Therapy

Disc Decompression Traction Procedures are used many by healthcare professionals who specialize in therapeutic procedures that facilitate healing of biomechanical abnormalites of the musculoskelatal system of the human body and more specifically complaints related to degenerative disc disease primarily of the low back.

The decompression traction procedure is utilized for a variety of purposes. It may help to reduce disc bulging and or help to reduce discal pressures on nerves roots as a result of disc bulging or possibly disc herniation. Traction can also help to reduce joint irritation found in back conditions such as osteoarthritis or with overloading or compression injuries involving the joints (facet joints) of the back. Traction can also help reduce the biomechanical stressess related to scoliosis conditions. Traction also has benefit in stretching and lengthening the muscles and ligaments found along the spinal column.

Dr. Peters has found that this modality is extremely useful in his Richmond based Steveston Chiropractic Office and uses it daily on all ages of patients.

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